Международный научно-методический журнал JOSE

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Журнал JOSE (The Journal of Science Engagement) был создан по предложению участников нашего Движения как международный печатный орган MILSET. В его редколлегию входят представители всех региональных офисов MILSET, а материалы освещают работу на всех континентах.


This journal is a media platform where MILSET members and all those who are interested will find as much as possible about the movement, its history, goals, and activities. Our stage is JOSE — this journal, which is currently published electronically to ensure open access. Anyone can contribute — from venerable scientists to students.

The problem our journal is trying to find a solution to is the declining interest in the natural sciences and engineering in the modern world. In many countries, young people are more focused on business, humanities, and law, while the development of our technical civilization, sophistication of technology, and environmental issues require more qualified professionals in the field of science and technology. It is therefore an important task to popularize scientific and technical skills and knowledge.

We want this journal to be understandable and interesting to all — teachers, students, scientists, workers — and hope that each will find something new and interesting. We are planning to publish articles by renowned scientists, popularizers of science and developers of teaching methods. We will highlight the practice of science education in different countries. In the journal you will also find popular articles about the most exciting areas of science and the challenges facing them, as well as materials on the history of MILSET and information about events in the field of science engagement and education all over the world.

Электронная версия журнала размещается на сайте https://milset.org/milset/web/news-media/publications.